I don’t know about you, but I know that working at home can be a very tough endeavor.  Not having to get out of my pajamas, eating when I need to, and listening to my sons play with their toys and have their little boy arguments among each other!  Yet, working from home causes its own problems as well.  It creates and almost promotes tendencies not to be able to get things done as efficiently as I could!  However, I wouldn’t want to trade it for anything!  These boys are the light of my life and I love them with every moral fiber in me!

I do a lot of work on websites in general, but I do more graphic design / branding work then anything!  Lately I have been working on a logo for a new blog site – Conservinator.  Conservinator – It almost just seems like text, but there is a little bit more of thought than just text.  There is a typewriter feel to it, an off-ribbon, and loose bracketed punch – giving it the uneven text.  It is meant to have an old school newspaper feel, and I think that I accomplished that just fine!  I do have to credit my almost two year old for this logo because I showed him a few different versions and this is the one that he picked!  Stay tuned the site will be coming to this blog as well!

Holmes Boys

The Holmes boy’s watching Mr. Peabody and Sherman!

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