Merry Christmas to all!  This has been a very important year for  We have been busy trying to figure out ways to help out Veterans more effectively!  But not only helping Veterans, but to help out the Veteran’s family members.  We recognize that it is not only the Veteran but the family members that need help, as well.  And this year has been a great year, especially, moving forward to help out Veterans and their families.

Last year, went exclusively to help Veterans and their families.  We see at that there is a serious issue within the Veteran community of committing suicide.  There are approximately 22 Veterans a Day committing suicide.  One Veteran losing themselves to their own hand a day is too much.  We are committed to educating our Veterans and their families to know the signs that could cause them to want to commit suicide. We are committed to helping out Veterans in any way that we can, from navigating the Veterans Administration’s confusing and complicated processes, to trying to help the Veteran out of dark times.

This year Christmas came early for!  We have received our tax exempt status, and have been recognized by the United States government to be a tax exempt company as a 501(c) (3)! has worked tirelessly in our community to help bring awareness to the Homeless Veteran population; not only in our personal communities, but communities around the country.  We co-hosted a Stand Down in Elkhart County, and it was very successful, we successfully served over 130 Veterans, and twice as many civilians.  We continue to work on the Stand Down for next year and have taken that next step to make certain that we are working hard to make sure we can help and reach out to more Veterans.

As a group we have come together this year and formed a board that is successfully working together.  We have a President (Kenny Holmes), Vice President (Timmie Mangrum), Secretary (Jeff Schrock), Treasure (Brandy Elliott), Managing Director (Joshua Elliott), and an HR Director (Sarah Holmes).  Furthermore, we have added writers that are committed to teaching history and are committed to Veteran’s issues in general.  We have writers that have experienced combat and fatigue due to dealing with the VA systems.  We have been blessed in many ways this year!  We are working hard at continuing to make bigger and better and more valuable to the Veteran and the Veteran’s loved ones.

We have many things planned for the future including the Second Annual Military Veteran Stand Down with a Heart.  We are working on having a martial arts tournament to help raise money for a martial arts class that deals with helping mind and souls becoming one again.  We are hoping to have a few road marches for suicide awareness, and lastly we are working on a music festival!  We are excited about all of these!  We hope that you all will be too!  The staff of, Incorporated really wants you all to have the best Christmas ever!

Thank you all for your continued patronage and we all here at wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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Kenny Holmes is a: Christian, Father, Husband, Son, Uncle, Veteran, Graphic Designer, Web Designer, Photographer, Coach, and so much more to so many different people.

Kenny graduated from Indiana University South Bend in 2012 with a Bachelors in General Studies with three major concentrations: English, Political Science, and Electronic Media. Kenny has an Associates Degree in Criminal Justice.

Kenny spent twelve years in the United States Army, Active and National Guard. He was an Infantryman, Airborne qualified and a combat life saver (a medical class). He spent some time overseas in Baghdad, Iraq. Came home and quickly got back to doing what he loves.

Kenny loves to help people. All he wants to do is help people with whatever they need help with; especially Veterans. He is the CEO of a Veteran non-profit organization. Where he donates a lot of his time; the rest of his time he works as an independent graphic artist, designer, and writer.