There was once a time where marketing was simply advertising in the newspaper, phone book, billboards, and television/radio ads, also not to forget about word of mouth.  To wit, the most effective form of marketing is still word of mouth.  That will never change.  Today we have so many marketing venues and many of them are not even on the original list.  Today we have online marketing that dominates all marketing.

Online marketing encompasses all of the aforementioned marketing.  There are websites for everything.  You can advertise on almost any website, but the most effective is social media marketing.  The most important part of social media marketing, though, is consistent branding.  Branding is important to make sure that your brand is seen across the board as the consistent excellence that your business or nonprofit most certainly is.

Branding starts with your logo development.

If you are creative, by all means create your logo.  Your logo is the first thing that your clients/customers will see.  If you are not so creative, it is important to have someone that is to create it.  Making sure that your logo is given to you in vector and raster formats; specifically, for other branding elements (t-shirts, hats, business cards, etcetera…).  Your logo or logos, if you have multi-functions, should encompass what your business is.  It does not have to be cliché, but sometimes cliché is the most recognizable thing to do, i.e. Construction have hammers and screwdrivers in your logo.  And of course, your logo should definitely have the colors that you want, and the colors should match; however, the logo should also be able to look good in black and white for printed letterheads on your printer.

Branding needs to be consistent.

Consistency is the key in branding.  Using the brand that you have built on everything is the best way people will recognize who you are.  Use the same logo on everything; from billboards to social media memes, from brochures, rack cards, and business cards.  This builds brand awareness.  Brand awareness is when a client/customer sees your logo and they know exactly what you are and what you do.  This will help build the most effective form of marketing; which is word of mouth.  When people see your logo and they are familiar with your work – then they will be more apt to tell their friends.  Creating this awareness is priceless.  However, continuity among your brand is going to be a direct reflection upon your company and brand, so make sure that your brand is consistently as good as you want it to be.  If your brand is consistent and your branding is superb, and you are in a proper area for the services that you are providing, then you will have no problem with getting your message across.

Building your brand is tough.  Even if you have the best product since sliced bread, or service since the operator, you have to let people know that you have this product available to them.  Then you have to convince them that this product is something that they need to have.  Branding is the first, most important step.  Making sure your branding is consistent.  Your logo is sound and strong, that it is easily recognizable with what your product is, and is able to be used cross-platforms.  Your logo should look great on your business card and fantastic on a billboard, and everything in between.

Branding via Social Media

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube, Google+ all social media aspects that you should be placing your media on.  Why?  It’s free!  Now you can pay and increase your reach, and that can be important and at a price that is not too much.  When I add something that I want people to see, I always try to make sure that other people will share it, so I add an image that is relevant to what the consumer wants or needs, and/or I will include the words: “Share, Share, Share”, or I will use “Share with your Friends.”  Make sure your message is synonymous across all social media platforms, and then definitely make sure that your social media accounts all point to your website for consistencies sake.  Furthermore, make sure that all of your contact information that is on your website it up-to-date and ready to receive information from those that have contacted you!

Well that is all for now!

Until next time: PEACE!

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Kenny Holmes is a: Christian, Father, Husband, Son, Uncle, Veteran, Graphic Designer, Web Designer, Photographer, Coach, and so much more to so many different people.

Kenny graduated from Indiana University South Bend in 2012 with a Bachelors in General Studies with three major concentrations: English, Political Science, and Electronic Media. Kenny has an Associates Degree in Criminal Justice.

Kenny spent twelve years in the United States Army, Active and National Guard. He was an Infantryman, Airborne qualified and a combat life saver (a medical class). He spent some time overseas in Baghdad, Iraq. Came home and quickly got back to doing what he loves.

Kenny loves to help people. All he wants to do is help people with whatever they need help with; especially Veterans. He is the CEO of a Veteran non-profit organization. Where he donates a lot of his time; the rest of his time he works as an independent graphic artist, designer, and writer.