Thank you.

We say thank you to so many people.  The thoughts behind the words are usually complicit with a quick thought of gratitude, but no real emotional draw to the words.

“Thank you”

It seems so easy to just say thank you and be on your way.  But the meaning behind the words have to be there for there really to be gratitude.  And a quick Google Define for the word gratitude puts it in to perspective:


So when we get to it we have to think about what is at stake when we say “thank you.”  We have to be able and ready to be able to return the kindness extended to us by the others gratitude.  Being thanked needs the favor returned.  Sometimes it is just as easy as saying “you’re welcome.”  Or a nod of the head in appreciation for being thanked.

What does it mean to be a Veteran and be thanked for your service?  Sometimes it isn’t an easy gratitude for being thanked.  Many Veterans do not want to be thanked for their service because of their commitment to volunteer for their love of God and Country, or just Country.

As you can see this is also a big deal with many Veterans – it is a constant debate even among service members check this thread out:

So what do you all think?  Do the Veteran’s, who will remain anonymous make a point?  I believe that they do.  It is hard to comprehend what is actually being said when people thank a Veteran.  As a Veteran, myself, I can never imagine what is being said to me, what does the person mean that is thanking me?  Not that I am not grateful for the gratitude because I am, but the fact is that I volunteered.  I, when thanked, always change the subject.  I thank them for their gratitude.  Very often I change the subject right away.  I do not usually say, “you’re welcome”, but rather I say “thank you” back.

Often times when people thank me there is always a follow-up question.  That follow-up question is, mostly, “What were you in?” and “Did you ever kill anybody?”  Two questions that are always hard to answer because regular civilians do not understand.

So what are your thoughts?  Let us know in the comments!

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