I believe in hard work.

I believe in making sure to provide for my family.

I believe that nothing comes easy.  If it comes easy then there is no reason to do it.

Everything that I do – I go full tilt.  I don’t half-ass anything.  I work hard, I make sure that I do a good job.  If it is not done right, then it is not done good.  I make sure that it is done right.  I try to make certain is done to the specifications of my clients and boards that I answer to.  Everything that I do, even volunteer work I do the best I can.  And if I can’t dedicate 100% to it than I do not do it.

I work hard. I play harder.  My family can attest to that.  I like to mountain bike and do martial arts.  I train Veterans to do the best that they can do. I work within the breathe principle, and I hold to it.  I teach others how to breathe so that they can make certain that they are doing the best that they can do.  Mediocre never got anyone anywhere.  People need to remember to always try to do their best.  Remember when we were taught to give our best, and our best would make us better.  Now it is taught to be mediocre and not worry about being the best.  The best isn’t the best anymore.

Are there better out there? Probably.  But I am going to tell you that I am going to work the best on things the best that I can.  I am going to do the BEST that I can do.  People need to dedicate themselves to being the best.  If you can’t give it your best then  you shouldn’t be doing it; whatever it may be.  Americans used to be the best at everything: from sports to manufacturing.  We need to get back to that.  We become the best by giving our best.

That being said…

I am working on a new project for a friend of mine that is bringing back what it means to “do your best!”  Her project is huge!  I am so freaking excited to help her with her work because her attitude is infectious.  Her husband is super-encouraging to her and I can’t wait to make sure that her project is done the best that I can do!

Let me introduce you to my friend, Carlyn.  Carlyn is going back to school, even though she already has a couple degrees!  She is going back to school for construction.  So not only is she going back to school for another degree, but she is going back for a Trade Skill degree!  This in itself is amazing!  Please keep watching her site – I designed her site, and her logo!  I am also doing some video, first time for me!  If this works out I may go more into video.  There is a pretty big demand for people who do video, and I am looking forward to the final project to make sure what I am doing works!


Carlyn exemplifies hard work, she is a wife and a mom, a full time student, and she still has time to for other things like Church and friends!  Take a look at what I have been doing for her and then let me know your thoughts!

Remember, if  you can’t give it your best then you shouldn’t be doing it.  Give your best in everything!

Until next time:


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Kenny Holmes is a: Christian, Father, Husband, Son, Uncle, Veteran, Graphic Designer, Web Designer, Photographer, Coach, and so much more to so many different people.

Kenny graduated from Indiana University South Bend in 2012 with a Bachelors in General Studies with three major concentrations: English, Political Science, and Electronic Media. Kenny has an Associates Degree in Criminal Justice.

Kenny spent twelve years in the United States Army, Active and National Guard. He was an Infantryman, Airborne qualified and a combat life saver (a medical class). He spent some time overseas in Baghdad, Iraq. Came home and quickly got back to doing what he loves.

Kenny loves to help people. All he wants to do is help people with whatever they need help with; especially Veterans. He is the CEO of FreedomSystem.org a Veteran non-profit organization. Where he donates a lot of his time; the rest of his time he works as an independent graphic artist, designer, and writer.