It was the day after.All hope was gone.The bomb had been dropped.Life was going to be unbearable. 

It started the way it began.

The bomb.

How careless have we been?

All our lives ruined.


The sky dark and ruined,

Lives lost and destroyed.

When will the people learn?

Millions died to save but one.


How do we fight this?

We can’t stop the government.

The bomb.

Use it so we might live.


The streets were gone.

No engine can start.

End of civilization as we knew it.

How can we rebuild?


As it dropped the people cheered.

Did we not know,

Our worlds were to be turned upside down.

The Aftermath.


The trees were black and bare.

No green was left.

Black and desolate the world over.

How do we repent?


The leaders of the world on bended knee,

Trying to decide what they did.

[The Bomb.]

How careless had they been?


The oceans and seas no longer a cool blue,

But a mere boiling black.

The air tasted of salt.

How do we replace what we don’t have?


How must one fight now?The world is dead.And soon we all, too.The aftermath of the bomb. 

How does the sky look tomorrow?

When everything lay in ruins.

There is no hope for us.

Yet there will be light.


I lost my sense of direction.

Does no one care?

The end of the world is at hand.

And yet there is light for us all.


There now in the east,

Was it but a queer dream?

But we saw a glimmer of light: Is it sun?

Is there light for the Aftermath….


As we looked to the eastern skies.

We saw hope of a new day.

The end of War.

And a brighter future for the Aftermath.


The yellow in the sky was playing tricks.

Our minds were but numb.

We felt so dumb.

Ohh we are to be saved.


Nothing worked;

But the dawn of a new day gave us hope.

We could see that there be no fighting.

The bomb had solved that.


And so yet we try to cruise.

We have come together.

Hand in hand we do work.

Why does it take disaster to bring us     together?


And yet at the end of these days

The world has come over.

How long will it take to rebuild than tear it all down. AFTERMATH.