Graphic Design…

…is a passion, you have to love doing it.  If you don’t you will just end up spinning your wheels and getting nowhere real fast!  The other thing about graphic design is that you have to be able to listen to concieve what someone else is thinking for them.  The worst thing in the world is to take down an idea and not show the client what they want.  That will kill your credibility in a heart second.  Obviously they want you to design their work for them in your flavor, or else they would have gone somewhere else!

I always listen to what my clients want.  I may cringe at the idea, but sometimes my ideas are no better, and they will cringe at mine!  The best thing to do is listen with two ears and keep your one mouth closed, and only use it to better advance the clients image!  Their brand, their image!

To the right is my evolution of the logo – from to Holmes Photography to

Never Ending Projects in a non-profit

It’s not a secret that I started a Veteran Service Organization to help Veterans better themselves and their situations, but along with running an organization as small as ours – comes doing all the marketing and design! Here are a few samples of artwork that comes from!

Mickey Mouse in the theme of Warhol!

My wife and I, when we found out we were pregnant with lil Kenny, were super excited about how to decorate his room and we werent certain how we were going to do it.  We just knew that we wanted something that was Disney themed and more preferably the mouse himself: Mickey!  So with a little bit of tenacity and patience we got somewhere and we have a nice “Warhol” Mickey Mouse!

And as you can see below, it is still hanging on our daughter’s wall to this day!


Carlyn Learn’s Construction

Carlyn is a very awesome person!  She has become a legend and she is just starting out!  I have been working with her website, and logo for awhile now!  I am extremely excited for her work to get out there, because she deserves all the recognition that she deserves.  Her website is a blog site,, which I am still working on and it is a work in progress, but she has been writing some awesome articles!  We have also been working on some videos for her submission to “This Old House” and a scholarship to “Mike Rowe!”  You can see that video that I shot at YouTube – here!


General Logo Work:

Here is some general logo work that I have done over the years!  I love a lot of these, obviously I have them in my portfolio!  So enjoy these logos, that I have done!