Iraqi Memoir

“… And we want to remind you to stay seated with your seatbelts fastened until the seatbelt light has been turned off.  Thank you for choosing Delta Airlines as your flight plan needs… Oh and thank you for your service to the world and especially the United States.  The current temperature here in Kuwait City is 102° Fahrenheit.  The current time is 0100 hours…”

– Kuwait –

I shook Timmie Mangrum awake at this.  Timmie fell asleep from all the alcohol that we had consumed in Ireland, and had had his head-phones on.  Timmie is my best friend and was my team leader for this excursion into combat; my first, his second.  I trust him with my life as well as he trusts me.  Timmie and I have a relationship that is not easily made; our friendship is forged in the fires of combat, pressed and molded by Jesus Christ.  He takes a minute to wake up, and does not seem to be happy that we have entered into the pits of hell.  He and I had planned as much as we could to make sure that we were not on the baggage detail that was to take place once the plane came to our final stop in Kuwait City. Read More…

Flying With Grandpa

“Kenny… Kenny… Kenny…”  My grandfather gently cooed.  “Kenny…”  I slowly open my eyes to the gently aged face of my Grandpa Holmes.  It was almost five o’clock in the morning and my vision was still blurry, but that was just going to be for a second.  For today Grandpa was taking me flying in t­­­­he Cessna.

            “Are you awake, Sweet-Cheeks?”  Grandpa always called me that, ever since I was born.  He didn’t want me to feel like I was different than anyone else because I was born with clef lip and pallet, so he gave me his own little pet name.  I am by far Grandpa’s favorite!  My vision finally became viable and I was ready to go, but first things first: breakfast!  Grandpa was very adamant that we eat a hearty breakfast before we go flying; especially for me because today was going to be my first day at the helm, or pilots seat!  The truth of the matter is easily this: the Cessna had two steering wheels and two sets of pedals on the floor.  Grandpa had it under control the whole time!  I may have known, but I didn’t care! Read More…

Parenting a Toddler

Being a parent to a toddler may be the most trying point in a person’s life.  Besides the fact that a toddler is in constant need of something, they are also mobile which creates other issues as well.  Toddlers are naturally curious because everything is new to them and they want to learn.  Toddlers are continually and perpetually getting into things because of their curiosity, and they are not easy to teach.  When a baby is a newborn it is needy – he/she needs milk from his/her mother or formula (which ever), they need their diaper changed, and they need to cuddled and nurtured by their families.   There is a lot of responsibility on having infants – including not getting enough sleep, – but add mobility to the mix and there you have a toddler.  Teaching a toddler is a full time job and there are many resources out there to help the process, but the biggest and most important is to remember to be patient, a toddler will test ones patience very quickly. Read More….


It was the day after.

All hope was gone.

The bomb had been dropped.

Life was going to be unbearable.


It started the way it began.

The bomb.

How careless have we been?

All our lives ruined.


The sky dark and ruined,

Lives lost and destroyed.

When will the people learn?

Millions died to save but one.


How do we fight this?

We can’t stop the government.

The bomb.

Use it so we might live.

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