Web Design

I have been building websites by hand and with WYSISYG’s since 7th Grade.  I started making a fan site for Ryne Sandberg – only one of the best Chicago Cubs ever!  I digress.  I have been following web trends and coding since HTML 1.5, and have been implementing everything in to my sites from CGI, PHP, CSS, AJAX, and so much more since then.  I focus on the design, and then let the work speak for itself.  Web design has always been a passion of mine, and I love doing them.  Let me do your next project, or help you fix your site if you need something fixed!  I am confident that I can help you out!

The Conservinator

Jeff Petermann calls me one day and says, “Hey, I need a place to write my blogs and articles.  I have left the Liberty Conservative.”  I says to him – “Okay!”  His site is a content management system that goes along that he can have several different poster.  I think he has something like 10 authors that use this site and has over 20,000 launches in just over 6 months.

Comedian Jason E. Jones

So I am an Infantryman.  I was in the U.S. Army for twelve years, so I belong to few groups on Facebook that are military centric.  This guy on there is talking about how he is a comedian and how he wants all of us grunts to go to his show!  Well the problem is that he is way South of here, Indiana, and I can’t make it that far to see him.  Started talking to him and he is a genuinely funny guy!  He has a heart of gold and we did the whole package!  His site is everything from a blog, to a calendar, and his tour schedule; eventually, you will be able to buy this guy’s comedy on the site!

Michiana Workboat

The full kit-n-kaboodle!  That is what I do for this company.  From brochures and fliers, to video, and photography!  This website has the full KennyLeeHolmes.com experience.  Shirts to websites and everything in between.  If you need a place to install any of your boat lifts, remove piers in the winter, this is your guy.  Become one of his Annual Customers today, and you will not regret it!  Meticulous attention to detail and true dedicated service to your equipment to help you enjoy your summers a little more!  Tell them that Kenny sent you!

Reese Auto Sales

The premier car outlet in Niles, MI.  Also a friend from high school and beyond!  He reached out telling me about his marketing needed a boost, and it started with a snazzy logo, and then a comprehensive website!  His site is a basic auto retail store and you can see what he has on his shop as he puts inventory in!  Currently his site is under review, as his business model, but the site is great!

Laws Tru Stone

The cream of the crop!  This company does fantastic work for their clients, so we had to do great work for them!  We went from an old website that had little to no content to a full functioning website with many ways for the client to contact the company!  Still have some simple things to add to the site, but for the most part it looks great and in my opinion portfolio ready!

And so many more…  If you need more, just ask!