To All  Customers Seeking Fine Photography Services,

I know Kenny Lee Holmes well from church and from his performance of photography services, and also my daughter has babysat for Kenny’s kids.  I have observed that Kenny is a good family man and a good Christian.  I am also aware that Kenny has served in the United States Army, and is active and devoted in support of military veterans.  I recommend Kenny’s photography business to anyone due to his outstanding quality of photographic work, creativity, high level of professionalism, excellent photographic equipment, and his very friendly and easy-to-work-with personality.

An example of Kenny’s photography services is when he came to my house to do a photo shoot of my daughter for church & school.  Kenny gave clever direction for a very helpful assortment of photos to choose from according to pose, background, lighting, and color vs black & white for variety.  It was a fun experience too, as Kenny also took some fun shots of my daughter wearing silly glasses.  And though the photo session was for my daughter, he also took a few photos of me and my wife.  My wife and I like one of the photos Kenny took of me so much that it remains posted on our refrigerator.  Following the photo session, Kenny promptly provided us with a fine quality CD of the photo shoot at a very reasonable price.

I gladly recommend that anyone would be very pleased with Kenny Lee Holmes doing their photography.


Mark E. Wilson
Elkhart, Indiana