Hard Core!

Dan Decker

Photography Client, Professional Model and Body Builder

”After working with many talented fitness photographers in the southern California area Kenny Holmes is one of the only photographers I can count on to capture me at my best when I’m back home in Granger and I’m prepping for my next show. He has the level if professionalism and talent that I’m used to. He’s also a fun guy and easy to work with.”


Dedicated to his craft.
“Hardest worker in the marketing and photography field- you will not be dissapointed! ”

Sarah Holmes

Kenny’s Wife

“Our family photos turned out beautifully. Kenny got more smiles out of the kids than any of us expected to end up with.”

Brandy Elliott

Photography Customer

“Fantastic job creating graphics for yard signs and fliers. Great person to work with!”

Angela Whitlow

Graphic Design Client

Happy customers.

Jeff Petermann

Multi-Platform Client

“Kenny Holmes is not just good at what he does, he is amazing at the customer service! I’ve had many times when I was in a bind, and Kenny had stepped up to be table and absolutely blown my mind and my customers mind at the same time! High quality work for a fair price….that’s what you get when you work with Kenny Holmes!”

Truth be told!

Ken Holmes

Multi-Platform Client and Kenny’s Father

“Through the years I watched my son develop a talent with computers and his writing, not to mention how great he is with photography. He has done several websites for me.  And has created templates for my screen printing company,  he’s always done this in good time. I’m not just saying this because he’s my son, but because I really enjoy working with him! The quality of his work is bar none, the best that I have come across! Thank you Kenny.”