Wow! What a whirl wind of a month!  This is a super crazy time and I am. worn. out. This month has...
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Do Your Best Always

I believe in hard work. I believe in making sure to provide for my family. I believe that nothing...
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Hacksaw Ridge Review

I watched, “Hacksaw Ridge” this week.  It was probably the best – most realistic – Christian World...
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Creating is life!  We love to create!  I believe it is because we all are drawn inadvertently to...
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Project: Veteran Relief

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Welcome to KennyLeeHolmes.com

Welcome to my site!  I am Kenny Lee Holmes, and this site is everything me.  This site is dedicated to my family, friends, clients, and future clients.  This site will is a good mixture of my continually updated work – professionally and personal!  This site will also have updated pictures of my children and family!

This site will be a close companion to my photography site: Holmes Photography!  This site is an innovative introspective of myself and my values so the many of the blog posts on this site are also going to be published on FreedomSystem.org. Furthermore, this site is dedicated to love that I have for my family and friends!  I hope that you all have an excellent experience learning about me, my gifts, and my family.

A little about my little family:  My family consists of a mommy and a daddy (me), and two darling little boys: Kenny and Bradley!  There is more love in this little house than anywhere else!  Sarah is my wife and my love!  Everything else is my kiddos!

What I can offer you…

I have been doing digital media ever since it started!  I was in middle school when I first started in the photo-editing and graphic design business!  I have been working with Adobe Products and Corel products since 1996!  If that tells you anything it tells you two things: 1) I am old!! 2) I have lots of experience for your job! 3) I can make the image of your dreams!

My job is to listen!  To listen, to learn, and to take what you want your project to look like and make it everything that you wanted it to be.  For your job to be completely and uniquely yours, I will listen to whatever it is that you want and make it yours!

I am in the listening business!  I will listen to what you need, and if I think a suggestion is in order or you ask for my suggestion, I will make my suggestion, and never contradict what you want!!  Your best media is always going to be my best work! The culture is whatever you need it to be at the time you need it!  I am about giving you what you pay for!

  • Photography 75%
  • Branding / Graphic Design 100%
  • Custom Website Design 90%


Before I do anything: I listen.  I listen to what you want, how you want your project or photographs to be!  I listen to your style, and your uniqueness.  I want you to know that I listen to what you need to get done with your job.  I may ask a few questions, not to upset, but to better understand your needs.  My priority is getting your job right and to make certain that your project is exactly the way you want it!



I take your ideas, and I translate them into what you want!  I work on the project or your photos and make them the way you want them!  I make your project unique in every aspect and make it yours in every aspect!


I present your project / photos to you and watch your eyes light up!


My Family

As I said, I am a family man!  I love my little family!  We are small, but we are mighty.  My family consists of me, Kenny Holmes; my wife, Sarah Holmes; my sons:  Kenny William Lee Holmes (4) and Bradley Roland Holmes (1.5).  We live in Elkhart, Indiana and we have many strengths that bind us together.  We love to spend time together and make memories.  The blog will have memories that we make, and have made; as well as new work that I have done: website, logos, branding, photography, so on and so forth!

Sarah Holmes

sarah-150x150My wife is none other than the beautiful Sarah Marie Holmes.  You can keep up with her on her site:  http://www.sarahmarieholmes.com.  I met Sarah when I was visiting some friends in W. Lafayette.  We all were going out to eat dinner and catch up.  My friends invited Sarah out with us, so that they would have another female there!  I wasn’t all that interested in the time in meeting anyone; mostly, because I was playing with my new camera that I had.  So when we picked her up I said, “Hi.”  Didn’t really look up at all, but then I took a picture over the seat – over my shoulder and took a picture of the three girls in the back seat!  And HELLO!!  I took more of an interest in her at that point, and started listening to what she was saying…  My friends were kind of liberal, and I am a very conservative person, so I didn’t think my friends would have any conservative friends!  Well you can read more here: Sarah and Kenny’s story!

Kenneth William Lee Holmes

 Kenny Holmes: Age 6

Kenneth William Lee Holmes is Sarah’s and my first-born son!  He was born on August 12th, 2010 – a year and a half after we were married.  He was our unplanned God’s gift!  Kenny loves to be active, and he loves his video games.  Kenny is in Tae Kwon Do, and currently has 8 stripes on his white belt!  He loves his little brother and his family.  He has many friends from church and loves to play with them.  He is your typical four year old that loves to be greeted and showered with joy and compassion.  He is the proud namesake of his father and his grandfather.  Kenny’s Dad’s, me, name is Kenneth Lee Holmes; while Kenny’s Grandfather’s name is Kenneth William Holmes.  Henceforth: Kenneth William Lee Holmes.

Bradley Roland Holmes

Bradley Holmes: Age 3

Bradley Roland Holmes, our second born, is our baby!  He is a year and a half years old and is infectious with love and life.  Bradley is the namesake of Grandpa Bechtol, Roger Roland; while he doesn’t have the first name he has the looks and the infectious personality!  Bradley loves his trucks and cars… Oh and he absolutely adores his big brother  Kenny.  Bradley looks at the bright side of things all the time!  He is the best little dude that you can ever hang out with, especially if you are hanging out with him and his big brother together!

Addison Marie Holmes

Addison Holmes: Age 10mos

Addison Marie Holmes our third and last child, she has been the apple of our eye and we love her to death!  She is a totally different personalty then the boys and it helps round out our regular sized family!  Addi, as we call her, loves to try new foods, and if she doesn’t like it she gives it to our dog!  They have become a perfect combination together because they love each other so much.  

Hacksaw Ridge Review

Hacksaw Ridge Review

I watched, “Hacksaw Ridge” this week.  It was probably the best – most realistic – Christian World War II story ever told.  I do not generally do movie reviews, I leave that for the critics, but I feel that this needs to be put out there!  Whereas; I am not a...

Do Your Best Always

Do Your Best Always

I believe in hard work. I believe in making sure to provide for my family. I believe that nothing comes easy.  If it comes easy then there is no reason to do it. Everything that I do – I go full tilt.  I don’t half-ass anything.  I work hard, I make sure that I do a...



Wow! What a whirl wind of a month!  This is a super crazy time and I am. worn. out. This month has flown by, and I haven’t been able to update like I usually do.  Two birthday’s, several birthday parties, and several other events and meetings that have kept me busy –...

Truth and Media

I cannot even go through my Facebook feed anymore.  It is ridiculous.  I am so over politics.   I want to go back to baseball; where everything makes sense.  One…Two…Three strikes and you are out.  People in my feed who have never posted anything about politics before...

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