The Definitive Kenny is the innovative site of myself, Kenny Holmes! If you can't tell who I am then you aren't paying very close attention! I am the person that is the constant in almost all of the photos in the small slideshow above!! Better yet the photo to the left is me.
At any rate: Thank you for coming and visiting my site! This site is dedicated to my family and friends, for whom without this site would not be possible! This sites primary directive is to work in close relation with my photography company: Holmes Photography, but also to show the true nature, the fun loving side of me!

So enjoy the site! 

Bujalski Website

I am currently working on Adam Bujalski's campaign site! Adam is a dear friend of mine and I am honored to worl on his site!

Crawford Wedding

This wedding was great! It was all about timing, 2 years and counting, but it happened: and the love that is shared between the two of these is outstanding!

Carper Wedding

A beautiful young couple that got married and then moved to Louisiana! Chrish and Jenna are a truly beautiful couple, and need to be explained here on this site and shown off!

Meet The Parents

  • Kenny Holmes

    The namesake of this site! Kenny has a Bachelor's in General Studies, with three major concentrations: English, Political Studies, and Electronic Media. Kenny is also a retired United States Army Veteran...

  • Sarah Holmes

    A Bachelor Graduate of Purdue University with a major in Consumer and Family Sciences with a minor in Orgazination Leadership Skills. Sarah started out her college life as a photography major, and is very artistic...

Meet The Kids

  • Kenny William Lee Holmes

    Kenneth William Lee Holmes; born August 12, 2010 is the proud namesake of his father and grandfather! He is the love of Kenny and Sarah's life and couldn't be more proud of him!

  • Bradley Roland Holmes

    Bradley Holmes was born on March 27th, 2013 and has the same middle name as his Grandpa Bechtol! He is the love of Kenny and Sarah's life and is going to be big and strong like his big brother, Kenny!